IDDI at BeCRO CRO vs Pharma/Biotech/MD battle event

October 26, 2021

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Join IDDI at the BeCRO CRO-Sponsor Battle on October 26

What you never dared to ask when you are contracted for a Clinical Research project !

  • Gain a better understanding of interactions between Sponsors and CROs and see the differences between the points of view of pharma, biotech, medical device companies and CROs.’
  • We will debate on Project Management, Business Development, Legal & Quality for one hour each. The panel for each session will be attended by a representative of a CRO, a medical device, a biotech and a pharma company. This battle will be a unique opportunity to discuss some sensitive topics that cannot be usually discussed when you are contracted for a Clinical Research project

  • Programme
    12.00: Welcome Lunch
    13.00: 4 debates
    17.30: Networking cocktail
    19.30: 11th BeCRO anniversary diner


BeCRO is a professional non-profit association of Belgian Contract Research Organisations (CROs) which are supporting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industry in clinical research and development of new products. The result of the combined industry efforts, including BeCRO members, is the availability of new treatments and therapies from which patients can benefit.