IDDI Newsletter – December 2023

All the Teams at IDDI wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!
Take a break and enjoy some insightful contents we are happy to share with you.


IDDI is pleased to welcome our new board members who joined us on August 1st:

  • Amy Furlong, MS: President of the Board
  • Linda Beneze, BS: Non Executive Board Member
  • Rob Nichols, PhD: Non Executive Board Member


Does real-world evidence have a role in precision oncology?

Our experts, Brian P. Hobbs, PhD, Associate Professor – Dell Medical School – The University of Texas and Marc Buyse, ScD, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder, IDDI,  lead an insightful webinar to examine the statistical implications of expansive, uncontrolled early-phase trials and discuss the potential role of real-world evidence in precision oncology!

GPC – A novel statistical method for outcome analysis and reporting of prioritized composite endpoints

Learn how the Generalized Pairwise Comparisons (GPC) method can be used to design clinical trials with multiple endpoints. You will also understand the differences between the GPC treatment effect measures: the net treatment benefit, success odds and win ratio.


Regulatory Strategy Support: How  to optimize your clinical development strategy and reduce time to market?  

Discover in this podcast:

  • Why our regulatory statistics and approval-optimization strategy play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of your clinical trials and eventual approval by regulatory authorities
  • How to optimize your regulatory strategy
  • How we guide our Sponsors to a sound statistical design that will give a promising drug all possible chances for being approved


Minimization in randomized trials

IDDI has written a tutorial on Minimization in randomized clinical trials published in the Medical Statistics Journal Statistics in Medicine in October 2023.

Learn on the procedures, main advantages and disadvantages of minimization in randomized clinical trials.


When it comes to clinical trial success, Data Integrity is key! Ensure the accuracy of your clinical data with IDDI’s comprehensive Clinical Data Management Services.

Using regulatory-compliant data management tools IDDI provides end-to-end clinical data management support from database set-up, through cleaning and reporting to database lock. 


We look forward to meeting you at conferences to discuss your needs for your upcoming trials. IDDI combines advanced biostatistics, regulatory and medical expertise, and innovative technology to increase efficiency and mitigate risks throughout the drug development process. 


  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and IDDI colleagues rose to the challenge. Both offices participated in “Pink @ Work” day to raise awareness, and raised money for charities.
  • Each year, IDDI invites our team members and their families to a day of fun, Family Day! Our US team spent a rainy day at an amusement park. Our BE team visited the Brewery ‘La Ferme de Bertinchamps’ and enjoyed a wonderful ‘Medieval’ day of relaxation and good food!
  • In November, we supported the Movember Foundation to promote for men’s heath and created a ‘move’ challenge. Team members spent the month walking, running and biking to raise awareness. We moved a total of 1563 km and our CEO, Linda, donated 5 euro for every 60 km to the King Baudouin Foundation!
Pink October
Family Day
Movember Challenge

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