IDDI partner in the ShareView project

The BENEFIT Team is proud to be named partner in the ShareView Project – A European initiative sponsored by Pfizer and SPCC to improve life of women with breast cancer. 

The quality of life of women affected by metastatic breast cancer can improve also thanks to careful and transparent communication and sharing of information to allow for informed and effective decision-making. This is the guiding principle of SDA Bocconi’s Shareview project (Supporting shared decision-making and communication in metastatic breast cancer), one of seven selected projects in the “Improving care of metastatic breast cancer patients in Europe” initiative. This is the European request for proposals for research into metastatic breast cancer sponsored by Pfizer Global Medical Grants in partnership with SPCC

Breast Cancer

The goal of the initiative, which was launched in July 2020, is to encourage European healthcare institutions and organizations to improve the quality of metastatic breast cancer care and treatment through targeted funding, bridging gaps in current clinical practice


The BENEFIT team will provide methodological and technical support to the achievement of this project.

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