Supporting Shared Decision-making and Communication in Breast Cancer: The ShareView Project

March 30, 2023

Join IDDI webinar to learn more about the ShareView Project which investigated communication approaches and shared decision-making practices across Europe as ways to improve the quality of care of breast cancer patients.

Thursday, March 30, 2023 | 5:00pm CET / 11:00am EST


Several treatments are available for patients with breast cancer (BC). Decision aids (DAs) are interventions that provide patients with information about available therapies, clarifying the congruence between decisions and personal values, and fostering shared decision-making (SDM), which is known to increase quality of care.

In this context, the ShareView project, short for “Supporting shared decision-making and communication in metastatic breast cancer” investigated communication approaches and shared decision-making practices across Europe as ways to improve the quality of care of breast cancer patients.

The project was sponsored by Pfizer Global Medical Grants and the ONG Sharing Progress in Cancer Care (SPCC), and was coordinated by SDA Bocconi and involved an international consortium of partners, namely the Belgian International Drug Development Institute, the Portuguese Champalimaud Foundation, the University Hospital of Udine and the association Europa Donna Italia.

The project had a twofold aim:

  • to investigate the diffusion of DAs in BC centers in Europe through a cross-sectional, cross-country survey, including perceived barriers and facilitators;
  • to pilot the prototype of a web-based DA for BC patients, the Net Treatment Benefit application, developed by IDDI.

The study findings suggest an insufficient availability of DAs in BC centers in Europe, mainly represented by paper-based tools rather than digital instruments, typically described in the literature. While future work needs to clarify the factors influencing the sustained implementation of DAs at the organizational level, this study sheds light on the current integration of DAs in BC care in Europe, explores developmental factors of a new web-based DA tool, and raises awareness on the importance of integrating SDM principles when communicating with patients.


  • Vigorous interest in shared decision-making and decision aids in breast cancer care emerged at the European level.
  • Availability of decision aids seems to translate into actual use.
  • Interactive, web-based decision aids receive considerable interest in the literature, but paper-based tools remain the most used in practice.
  • Patient views of shared decision-making tools are highly valuable, and remark their willingness to being actively involved in treatment-related decisions.


  • Healthcare professionals (e.g., medical oncologists, surgeons)
  • Cancer patient representatives
  • Academics in the field of digital health


Vittoria Ardito, MSc., Research Fellow, CeRGAS, SDA Bocconi School of Management

Vittoria Ardito, MSc., Research Fellow, Center for Research in Health and Social Care Management (CeRGAS), SDA Bocconi School of Management

Vittoria Ardito is a Research Fellow of the Government, Health and Not for Profit Knowledge Group of SDA Bocconi School of Management. She is a member of CeRGAS (Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management), where she is involved in research projects at the national and European levels. Her research activities focus mainly on health economics and policy, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and economic evaluations, and digital health (mHealth and artificial intelligence). Currently, she is involved in projects centered around pricing and payment models of health technologies, and on the implementation of learning-based Artificial Intelligence technologies in healthcare organizations. Vittoria holds a BSc in Management and a MSc in International Management, both from Bocconi University.

Everardo Saad, MD., Medical Director, IDDI

Everardo Saad, MD, Medical Director, the International Drug Development Institute (IDDI)

Dr. Everardo Saad has nearly 20 years of experience in Medical Oncology and clinical-trial design. He graduated in Medicine and trained in Internal Medicine in Sao Paulo, and did his fellowship in Medical Oncology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston. After practicing for several years, he shifted his professional career towards education and research in Medical Oncology, and has a special interest in clinical trial methodology, the assessment of endpoints, and the development of novel therapies for cancer patients.