CDISC SDTM-ADaM Data Conversion Services

Comprehensive CDISC SDTM-ADaM Data Conversion Services.

As certified CDISC Registered Solutions Provider we have the professional expertise to provide comprehensive CDISC SDTM/ADaM Data Conversion Services.

IDDI makes sure your data are ready for submission.

CDISC SDTM-ADaM Data Conversion Services


  • SDTM programming is done using SAS 9.3
    • SDTM programming templateCDISC SDTM-ADaM Data Conversion Services
    • SDTM formatting work is highly automated (SUPP– generation,  variable ordering and labelling, ISO 8601 (partial) dates conversion, …)
    • Pinnacle21-Community (formerly OpenCDISC Validator is used to verify SDTM compliancy
  • QC is done by comparing eCRF print-outs vs SDTM tables using dummy data to ensure different scenarios are covered
  • External data integration/reconciliation + Dictionary coding integration handled via SAS as well (via odbc, or snapshot files)
  • EPOCH, –BLFL: handled via study-specific algorithms


  • Production of ADaM Datasets
    • Dataset specification file created (including metadata) using IDDI template
    • Programmed using latest SAS version, current ADaM Model and ADaM IG
    • CDISC compliance checked with Pinnacle-21 Community (formerly OpenCDISC Validator)

IDDI makes sure your data are ready for submission.

CDISC SDTM-ADaM Data Conversion Services

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