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IDDI contributed to the Pharmavoice article: Commanders & Chiefs: Clinical Services C-Suite, February, 2021

CROs and other clinical services companies have positioned themselves to be valued partners to biopharma companies. The executives of these companies are charged with not only setting the strategic direction for their organization but setting the pace for innovation to make the clinical trial process more seamless, less costly, and better matched to patients’ needs.

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Read full contribution of Damien Tremolet, CEO IDDI:

In 2021, what is the biggest area of concern for you in terms of leadingyour organization/team?



IDDI is delighted to announce the exponential growth of the company, having doubled its revenues and increased the number of employees over the last four years.  

The expertise of our staff and the quality of the services delivered are the primary factors which have contributed to this exceptional growth.

Our customers consider us as a long-term partner rather than a punctual subcontractor, meaning that 80% of our revenues are coming from repeat business.

Another success factor is the systematic increase of new customer acquisitions with 36 new customers in 2020.

We have also gained respect and reputation with an increase in market shares in the US.

My primary challenge for 2021 is to manage this growth and to develop new drivers.

We are currently in the process of a huge recruitment drive to hire biostatisticians and data managers and are also seeking to implement new tools to better train our teams and streamline our processes to consistently improve the quality of our work. Our aim is to keep investing in Research and Development to advance new disruptive services and continue to exceed both our customer and employee’s satisfaction in 2021 and beyond.

About IDDI:

International Drug Development Institute (IDDI) is an expert organization in biostatistical and integrated eClinical services that is committed to assisting pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, nutrition and Academic  Companies in several disease areas, including oncology and ophthalmology. IDDI optimizes the clinical development of drugs, biologics and devices thanks to proven statistical expertise and operational excellence. Founded in 1991, IDDI has offices in Belgium and Raleigh (NC).