Finding the one: How to choose a Clinical Partner in Sea of Service Providers

What should companies look for when selecting a CRO clinical

How to choose a Clinical Partner

Just one in ten drug candidates are successful in clinical trials, and the number of products making it from development to approval is currently at an all-time low.

It means sponsors must seize every opportunity to beat the odds – and partnering with the contract research organization (CRO) with the skills and expertise to get their new products across the line is one such opportunity.
With a thorough understanding of, and a wealth of experience in drug development, CROs are used to navigating the processes’ pathways and obstacles, meaning they know how to design and execute studies
that get drugs approved.
Specialized CROs can act as a clinical partner throughout the development process, working side-by-side with sponsors to establish goals and timelines, and with a mutual understanding that makes them an extension of the companies they work with.
But choosing the right CRO for your organization’s needs isn’t always a straightforward process. While companies may be tempted to outsource the whole process to one of the “top ten”, these larger organizations are rarely the best fit for biotech’s needs.

So, what should companies look for when selecting a CRO clinical partner? And how can they be sure their product will receive the rigorous, compliant testing it both needs and deserves?

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