Clinical endpoints and treatment effect in immuno-oncology

July 7, 2020

IDDI Complimentary Webinar on Immuno-Oncology

Immuno-oncology is a buoyant field of research, with recently developed drugs showing unprecedented response rates and/or a hope for a meaningful prolongation of the overall survival of some patients.


In this webinar our speakers reviewed:

  • Adaptations to tumor response and progression criteria for immune therapies. Survival may be the endpoint of choice for clinical trials in some tumor types, but presence of delayed treatment effects and non-proportional hazards may complicate evaluation of treatment benefits.
  • Statistical methods to best describe and test for treatment effects in immuno-oncology randomized clinical trials.


Clinical endpoints and treatment effect in immuno-oncology

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  • Response dynamics in immuno-oncology (IO)
  • Overview of response assessment
  • Overall survival (OS) as primary endpoint
  • Issues with time-to-event endpoints in IO
  • Overview of proposed methods and solutions


  • Tomasz Burzykowski, PhD: Vice President Research at IDDI
  • Everardo Saad, MD: Medical Director at IDDI
Presentation Webinar : Clinical endpoints and treatment effect in immuno-oncology

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