IDDI Supporting Cancer Charity Associations

Cancer Charity Associations

IDDI’s Mission to Giving Thanks this Season

The Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to thank, support and help those in need!

We would like to hear and discuss your needs for your upcoming trials and for every secured and completed meeting IDDI would donate $100 to a Cancer Charity – we are not asking for money rather a few minutes of your time.
As a reminder, IDDI is a statistically-driven CRO led by a highly-skilled biostatistical and clinical team of thought-leaders in oncology research. We have helped our clients achieve 15 market approvals of anti-cancer therapies and have supported 720 oncology trials since our inception and would like to do the same with yours.
You can expect a meeting to take approximately 15-20 minutes of your time. There is no requirement of signing a contract with IDDI for a charitable donation, we only ask for a small amount of your time to explore a potential partnership.
Please follow the link to register for a meeting time of your choice. If you would like a meeting and none of the available options work in your schedule, please contact for an alternative time.
Thank you for your support in our giving mission and on behalf of the team at IDDI we wish you Happy Thanksgiving season!