Research Projects

IDDI’s culture is scientifically driven, thanks to its founder and Chief Scientific Officer Marc Buyse, who is also Professor at the Hasselt University, and its main Expert in Biostatistics: Tomasz Burzykowski PhD, who is also part-time Professor.
Over 15% of IDDI’s projects are academic studies. In this context, it’s no surprise that IDDI has invested in four significant research projects:

Research Projects by IDDI

  • BENEFIT (Biostatistical Estimation of Net Effects for Individualization of Therapy)
    IDDI – in partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb, the EORTC, the UCL, the University Hospital and Cancer Center of Lyon and with the financial support of the Walloon Region, Biowin – will develop a new statistical methodology (Generalised Pairwise Comparisons – GPC). GPC  method will be further develop to usefully complement traditional methods for the design, analysis and interpretation of clinical-trial results and dedicated softwares will be developed as well.


    Ask for a copy of the article:  Assessing Treatment Benefit in Immuno‑oncology, Marc Buyse· Everardo D. Saad · Tomasz Burzykowski · Julien Péron :

  • TREATBEST (TREATment of Breast cancer with Epigenetic Specific Tools)
    IDDI is one of the partners of this project granted in January 2017 by Biowin, the Walloon cluster of Biotechnology.
    Its main objective is to analytically and clinically validate a CE-marked in vitro diagnostic kit based on a DNA methylation signature predicting the benefit from neoadjuvant anthracycline/taxane chemotherapy in previously untreated, non-metastatic, primary triple negative breast cancer patients.
    IDDI will perform the Clinical validation of the signature:
    • Design, set-up, analysis and reporting of the retrospective study
    • Design the prospective
    • Statistical support for signature fine-tuning and kit analytical validation
      READ: BIOWIN Newsletter Juillet 2017: “Deux projets de R&D dans les starting-blocks
  • BRAVO (Biomarker Retrospective Analysis for Validation Optimization)
    The BRAVO project was granted by EuroTransbio to IDDI in collaboration with Pamgene, VUMC and I-Biostat.
  • SMART (Statistical Monitoring Applied to Research Trials)
    IDDI, with the financial support of the Walloon Region, Biowin, has developed a statistical software for Statistical Monitoring Applied to Research Trials (SMART) with a view to detecting heterogeneity of data across investigational centers and to create a quality label for clinical trial data). After having invested for over a decade in this research project, IDDI launched early 2012 a unique Central Statistical Monitoring tool based on the SMART™ engine and called CluePoints (visit


    • SMART Scientific Advisory Board includes:
      • Stephen L. George PhD, Professor of Biostatistics, Duke University School of Medicine – Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Durham, NC
      • Stephen Evans BA MSc C Stat FRCP, Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Medical Statistics Unit, London, UK
      • Eleanor McFadden MA AMBCS, Managing Director Frontier Science (Scotland) Ltd – Board Member, Society for Clinical Trials, Perth, UK