IDDI Sponsor at IRT 2018 USA

October 22, 2018 — October 23, 2018

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Best Practices and Innovations in IRTIRT

IDDI Sponsor and Exhibitor at CBI’s 8th Annual Interactive Response Technologies in Clinical Trials – IRT 2018! MEET US AT BOOTH 10

The IRT continues to gain momentum as a critical component to clinical trial and supply chain strategy, and as the complexity of trials continues to rise, creating efficiencies and optimizing the Interactive Response Technology is paramount.

Optimize your Interactive Response Technology and Supply Chain Efficiency

Interactive Response Technology needs to be built and deployed rapidly, so that your clinical trial can start faster. To reach that speed, you need a user-friendly and state-of-the-art IRT platform that combines a fast set-up time with the flexibility of customized programming.

  • Vicky Martin will be happy to meet you! Contact her to set up a meeting at
  • We’ll be giving demos of our robust and configurable Interactive Response Technology system ID-net at our booth! 
  • IDDI will give a talk on October 23 – 1:25pm on: Extending IRT Drug Supply Features for Advanced IRT Users

IDDI Interactive Response Technology System

ID-net™ simplifies randomization by using an IRT and minimizes treatment allocation bias by using its proven statistical methodology. We take advantage of our validated technology and our expertise in biostatistics to implement any randomization or treatment allocation scheme.

  • ID-net™, IDDI’s in-house developed Interactive Response Technology  or Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) dedicated to randomization and treatment allocation, and its optional functionality for drug-supply management (ID-supply™), are integrated in our EDC system. This allows users (investigators) to access both functionalities using single sign-on (one single login and password).
  • ID-net™ is designed and validated to manage the algorithms required for a variety of randomization algorithms. It can be easily plugged into various EDC solutions and drug-supply distributors’ systems, and is adjustable throughout the study with no downtime.