Design and conduct of Oncology Clinical Trials

May 7, 2017 — May 10, 2017

Liverpool, UK

Buyse M.: Design and conduct of Oncology Clinical Trials: A Session in Memory of Daniel J. Sargent. Invited lecture at the 4th International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference (ICTMC) and 38th Annual Meeting of the Society for Clinical Trials, Liverpool, UK.

For the first time, the Annual Meeting of the Society for Clinical Trials is being jointly held with the International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference, providing one of the largest international platforms for those working in clinical trials to collaborate and discuss new ideas.

The event brings together international colleagues working in clinical trials, including trialists, methodologists, clinicians and allied health professionals. The programme will include three Keynote lectures, and a range of sessions designed to stimulate discussion and engagement during this unique event.

Daniel J. Sargent, Ph.D., who died this year at the age of 46, applied innovative approaches to biostatistics and clinical trials. He fostered collaboration among researchers, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, professional organizations, and academic statisticians from around the world to advance cancer research.