ID-Imagine: A unified platform for streamlined project workflow management

Download the latest IDDI’s poster to learn more about ID-Imagine the all-in-one solution for seamlessly managing project workflows with ease and efficiency.


ID-Imagine redefines biostatistical project management by automating data processes and minimizing manual input, focusing the biostatistician’s role on analysis rather than task management.

It offers a sophisticated filtering system and adaptable features, ensuring regulatory compliance and meeting varied project requirements. The software capitalizes on open-source technologies like ReporteRs and rJava for seamless document creation, while R Shiny and rhandsontable enhance its web interface and data handling capabilities.

Despite its comprehensive functionality, ID-Imagine is undergoing continuous development to enhance multi-user support, security, and IT integration. It embodies the fusion of biostatistics practices and software innovation, underscoring our commitment to leading edge methodologies and operational excellence in biostatistics.

Author: Shin Yu Wong, Associate Biostatistician & Statistical R Developer, IDDI

IDDI is an expert clinical data services and high-level strategic consulting contract research organization (CRO). Our teams provide agile clinical trials services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device/diagnostic companies. With a proven track record, IDDI provides expert Biostatistics and eClinical Services to ensure the successful execution of your clinical development program.

We are committed to providing quality, submission-ready clinical data, thanks to a unique combination of methodological excellence and operational efficiency. 


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