IDDI – XClinical: The best of Two Worlds

ID-net Randomization

Integrated EDC IWRS system: The IWR/IVR system ID-netTM developed by IDDI now provides an interface to MARVIN, XClinical’s EDC system

About ID-netTM

ID-netTM is an Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) for centralized randomization and treatment allocation developed by IDDI in 2000 and used for all its randomization trials.
More than 150 studies with over 100,000 patients have been conducted with the system.

ID-netTM supports all types of randomization schemes and includes various features, such as study drug tracking and inventory management as well as patient registration, code break and withdrawal. In 2008, IDDI decided to implement XClinical’s EDC system MARVIN for conducting EDC trials in parallel of ID-netTM for randomization and drug supply management.

Web-based open interface to MARVIN

In May 2010, both companies’ Managing Directors – Philippe Verplancke and Damien Tremolet – initiated the project to build up a web-based open interface between ID-netä and MARVIN. “We really appreciated the initiative, as this partnership reflects XClinical’s business strategy”, states Dr. Philippe Verplancke, CEO of XClinical. “The integration with IDDI’s randomization suite is an excellent example of the benefits of effectively bundling competencies.” XClinical could thus extend its own randomization capabilities with sophisticated dynamic randomization schemes offered by IDDI.

In May 2010, a multi-disciplinary project team from both companies wrote the specification documents and jointly tested the software implementations. “The open interfaces of MARVIN and ID-netTM will facilitate connection with third party systems. The immediate return, though, will be a single front-end to site personnel for EDC and randomization”, says Damien Tremolet, CEO of IDDI. “Today, software products providing such interfaces gain more acceptance. Furthermore, we are convinced of the positive outcome this new strategic partnership will generate.”